The FLOWpresso® system is a breakthrough non-invasive natural approach that delivers a 3-in-1 sensory experience, to enhance physical and mental wellbeing and restore inner balance.

FLOWpresso delivers cyclic compression to different areas of the body. Each chamber inflates sequentially, before its predecessor completely deflates, to ensure a selective progressive pressure. These chambers can be programmed individually to ensure the optimal experience.

FLOWpresso applies optional far infrared heat to each of the four sections of the garment: arms/abdomen/legs and feet. Each section can be programmed individually providing a range of temperature from 86*F/35*C to 104*F/65*C.

FLOWpresso provides a proprietary nano vibrational technology, and is available via a chip inserted into the back piece. This frequency similar to pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF) does not require an electrical supply but instead uses the body’s heat to activate.

FLOWpresso® is a combination of science, technology and therapeutic techniques which is designed to help get the best version of you.